Affinity Marketing Quick Guide


Most of us did receive some sort of product that was branded with another name when we bought something. This is a really common practice these days in the marketing world and it is basically an affinity marketing strategy. Such a partnership (a product branded with another brand) is a part of an affinity marketing campaign and mutual benefits usually appear.

Who Would Use An Affinity Marketing Campaign?

Any affinity marketing campaign features 2 parties that are partners:

  • Affinity group
  • The business that provides the service or product

The affinity group is usually made out of:

  • Charities
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Membership organizations
  • Membership associations
  • Companies that would cater to a specific demographic

The business that will partner with the affinity group can vary in products offered, scope and size. The business that starts the partnership can be really small, like a pastry shop that is selling bagels or really large like a bank that would brand products with a sports team to get new clients. Businesses that normally use affinity marketing can include, among many others: gas stations, supermarkets, banks, airlines, clothing outlets and real estate firms.

What Clients Can Affinity Marketing Attract?

As with every single marketing strategy out there, there are some customer groups that are better as targets. A really strong part of the campaign is the fact that it can be really customizable. So many target markets and affinity groups exist at the moment. If the campaign is proper, strategies can be really effective and successful.

The organization members will always look for some incentives in order to remain in that organization. That is why organization members are perfect targets. For instance, let us think about an organization that is made out of older adults. In this case, they would love to get extra deals from large store chains like Home Depot. We mention Home Depot because of a great example of an affinity marketing campaign that saw them partnering with AARP. AARP representatives used updates and newsletters in order to advertise Home Depot’s benefits and promotions, offering AARP members an increase in the number of reasons why a membership should be renewed.

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The successful affinity marketing campaign will involve business negotiations and marketing strategies. The aim is to partner a strong partnership with different organizations and businesses. If done right, this would bring in an increase in profits.


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